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The idea of Freedom Boat Trips Algarve began when the founder of the Company felt the need to provide families with what she feels when travelling on a boat with her family. There’s a feeling of freedom, happiness, fun and harmony, therefore, she decided that the company should be called Freedom.

Born in Australia, the sea, beaches and great sunshine, was always present during her childhood. All of her good memories were related to the sea. From a simple walk on a Sunday afternoon on the famous Bondi Beach, or a cruise to Rottnest Island in Western Australia. Unforgettable moments.

At the age of 13 she came with her parents to live in the Algarve, where he also found fantastic beaches across the Algarve coast. Our Algarve is surprisingly beautiful.

Her husband, also an ocean and beach lover, born and raised in Lagos, always had a dream of having a boat for fishing and taking his family on trips.

After the acquisition of their first boat, the idea of ​​forming this company became more realistic. The idea was to create a unique and pleasant boat trip experience for families, along our wonderful Algarve coast between Gruta of Benagil, Ria de Alvor and Ponta da Piedade.  This experience would allow families to enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the world, while having an exquisite lunch on board, or practise some Stand Up Paddle boarding beside some of the most beautiful caves.

These are some of the most stunning beaches that you can visit during our boat trips: Porto de Mós Beach, Dona Ana Beach, Camilo Beach, Alvor Beach, Vau Beach or Carvoeiro Beach. Not to be missed, Ponta da Piedade, near Lagos, for one of the most spectacular views of the rock formations. According to the American newspaper Huffington Post, it may well be the most beautiful beach on the entire planet! Or Praia da Marinha, which surrounded by cliffs carved by erosion, was considered one of the hundred most beautiful in the world.

The Ria do Alvor boat trip is one of our favourite family outings. Its natural beauty is stunning. The landscape of the Ria consists of dunes, beaches and sand uncovered at low tide, pine forest and salt marshes, where there are species and habitats of interest, especially the different species of birds.

Cruising along the Ria, you arrive at the old village of Alvor, which has a special view when looking at the old Algarve houses and the  Matriz Church, all white. The magic of the Ria do Alvor comes to the end of the day, with a magical light, of red, silver and lilac that mesmerizes those who contemplate it.

The sunset at Ponta da Piedade (Lagos) is considered one of the most beautiful that we could witness, as such, Freedom Boat Trips Algarve, provides you with this magical moment. It is beautiful to see this nature spectacle that, for a short time, illuminates the landscape, leaving everything golden.


Eurocrown 268 CR
Our Boat has a capacity for 8 people, including the captain and sailor, who always accompany the tours.
Length: 8 meters Mouth: 2.60 m Point: 2.10m
Engine: Volvo Penta Diesel

During the tour to the Benagil Grotto our boat have the ability to enter some very stunning caves along the coast, which makes this tour spectacular. Spaces on the boat: a sun deco, an area with outdoor sofas with a dining table and a local interior with sofas, table and private bathroom. Everything you need for a pleasant outing. We comply with clean and safe measures. The constant disinfection of the boat after each use by customers, use of a face mask, we have hand sanitizer available. During the trips, a life jacket is provided to each customer, we also have sizes for children.

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